Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
We have to inform you that our application, which provided access to Russian-language TV channels on Roku, has been completely closed. All subscriptions are canceled. We want to thank everyone who was with us in this short, but very interesting trip to the world of Russian-language television.
Thanks to our users who trusted us and helped make our service better.
We want to say thanks to competitors, they like we are now, are closing services due to the intractability and greed of Russian TV channels. Thanks to the TV channels that allowed us to restream their channels.
Thanks to the Perviy Kanal and NTV television channels, which do not respond to letters of cooperation, but are ok to pay lawyers.
All is good!
This site will remain in this form until it is sold or we do not decide what can be done with this domain.

Sincerely yours, OnlineRussianTV